The 90′s Arcade Racer Coming to WiiU eShop at 60fps

Does the little RetroHead inside of you love classic arcade racers? I know I do! Racing games to me were the most fun when they were colorful, fast and outrageous; back when Sega still flourished in arcades and before the Dreamcast died.  The 90′s Arcade Racer, as the name plainly implies, wants to take us back to that and do it with style!


Originally slated for PC and Mobile devices it was later added to the WiiU eShop and even better it has just been announced by the creator that it is running on the system and at 60fps just like any proper racer should be. The project was originally just a one man show though later it gathered a small team from a partnership with Nicalis to help out.  Just one man or a small team this game looks sharp for being either of those and I’m hoping it plays just as well and rushes me with nostalgia as it brings back the type of racers I grew up with. I’m glad it reached it’s kickstarter goal and I look forward to more updates!


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