Sonic Lost World – Could We Have Another Good Sonic Game Coming?

The debut trailer for Sonic Lost World was just released and I am actually impressed so far. It seems Sega has finally figured out that digging up some of the best ideas from the past and improving on them is way better than shoehorning in new characters and weird mechanics that just don’t fit in with Sonic and the original crew. While Sonic 4 (episode II) tried to recapture the past many would tell you that it fell very short with botched mechanics, poor physics and even mediocre graphics. Even if you don’t want to be a purist about it, I would be fine saying that while having fun moments Sonic 4 only really came out average if you round it out.  Sonic Colors tried and succeeded in retooling everything about the modern Sonic formula; even though it isn’t my favorite I had a lot of fun with it. Heck even the secondary characters in Sonic Colors weren’t annoying! Then Sonic Generations came along and recreated, retooled and reimagined everything about classic Sonic and modern Sonic to great praise.

Well now we have Sonic Lost World which seems to be taking originally scrapped game ideas and bringing them into a modern Sonic game with some retro flair for good measure. Sonic Lost Worldseems to be reminding a lot of people of the scrapped Sega Saturn title Sonic X-Treme and I can see why. The shifting landscapes and rotating world seem ripped right from the leaked demos that came out after 2007 and it is great to see them being used in a game finally.

I had a bit of a scare when they showed a teaser image with the outlines of six new characters (more companions, groan), but turns out those will be the main bad guys of the game. Check out the trailer below and see what you think. Sonic looks fast, the design looks fun and I hope it keeps getting better.  It is coming out on WiiU and now 3DS later this year!

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