My First Few Days in Animal Crossing: New Leaf

While there is always a lot to do in Animal Crossing (well maybe not counting City Folk) the first few days as you set up your new town, meet your new neighbors and move into your new house are always the most exciting. There is so much to discover and so many new things to just take in. It is still the time when just walking around and trying to spot one new bug still feels really fresh and relaxing; I even just fish sometime not hoping to catch anything particular.

All the classics are back for the new Animal Crossing as well as some great new surprises. I won’t spoil anything for you but being Mayor in this new game opens a lot more things to do on your first two days and plenty to do to keep changing your town in the future; and there are some new day to day activities/collectibles. Your city main street area even has some great things on day one and will be able to grow; though I’m still having trouble finding the right hat to wear. The main street strip is easily the best way I’ve seen the stores be handled so far; no more small and out of the way city, no more shops clogging up your town and less traveling shops. You still have occasional special ware visitors but you don’t need to wait to get what mostly feel like the essential collectibles.

I’ve had a blast the last few days and have started my first true project as Mayor of Jameson, here are some pictures of my life in my new town so far.

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