Kirby’s Dream Collection: First Impressions

Kirby’s Dream Collection was something I had to have as a retro enthusiast; a collection of classic Kirby games leading up to the Nintendo 64 is awesome. Plus it has an art book and a music CD, and as you may know the music from the Kirby series is some of my all time favorites. What I have here will be a quick look of the entire collection; I haven’t had time to sit down in detail through all of it just yet.

The box is just a cardboard sleeve for the whole thing but the art with all the different versions of Kirby is cool. Luckily you do still get a regular Wii game case(aka white DVD case) on the inside for the game and CD, no paper sleeves or some garbage. The game case has a wood burned motif going on and it adds to that old school charm. Also inside is the Celebration book which I’ll get to in a moment.

As I mentioned the entire thing is a collection of classic Kirby games, here is the thing people will either find really cool or kind of lame. The games are not redone in any sense they are kept in their pure form, just emulated. If you are a purist retro fan you might like this, if you aren’t, this may bug you. Personally I’m on the fence, I like that they didn’t update the graphics like the Kirby Superstar remake or the Super Mario All Stars collection but, I would of liked things up scaled a bit. The boxed in games with the pixilated borders makes the collection look a little cheap. But, the games are still fun and you can play them with your choice of controller. As of writing them I just  played them with the Wii mote turned sideways and loved it. If you are unaware the game comes with Kirby’s Dream Land, Kirby’s Adventure, Dream Land 2, Super Star, Dream Land 3, and Kirby 64. A good selection of games! Really, if you’ve never had the chance to own Kirby’s Adventure or Super Star this collection is worth buying.

It also has a collection of new challenge stages based off the ones from Kirby’s Return to Dreamland (the previous Kirby Wii game). You could essentially call this DLC for that game and they are fun little stages to play through just as they were for the original game; a cool little bonus.

The rest of the disc is just the bonuses. The history time line is fun to look at but you probably will do that just once, it provides some little tidbits of “importance” about the year in question, while showing which Kirby game was released (if any). When a game was released during that year you can get more details on that game and look at the box art in close detail as well as see a gameplay video. The gameplay video is very cool if you haven’t ever seen or played one of the games before; a good way to see if you would like to hunt it down. It also plays a track related to each game as you check it out, a cool touch.


There are also episodes of Kirby: Right Back At Ya, the cartoon that was on a number of years ago. I remember hating this cartoon (much like the modern Sonic cartoons) so I haven’t even watched them yet; sorry. You access them via the history time line.

The celebration book is pretty cool, a compact history book to Kirby. It provides pictures of Kirby’s many forms and the other characters in the games, facts, sketches, history on his progression in the games, and just so much more. It is a cool read and a cool collectible. It also has a full track listing for all the songs on the CD, which is a good thing and I’ll explain why next.


The collection CD is awesome, providing popular themes from all the games in their original form, no remixes. There are bonus tracks as well though if you want to hear new versions of classic tunes. The Chamber Ensemble version of Gourmet Race is a very cool track. As I mentioned it is good that a track listing it provided in the Celebration book because as of putting this CD in my computer (listening as I write this) all the track titles are in Japanese. So I’ll have to re-title everything before I rip it to my computer!

To sum it all up I am happy with the collection, just from a collectors point of view it is a very cool thing to have and it is a great way to celebrate 20 years of Kirby and the end of the Wii. I wish something a little extra could have been put into the games in the collection itself but not everyone will feel this way and you shouldn’t let it turn you off. The games are still great and it is great to have them in one spot to play, well worth the $39.99. I suggest grabbing a copy asap!

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