1. “How do I register/log in?” Just click the button in the menu labeled Log in. This will take you to the log in page and it has the option to register. You can also log in/register from the forums page. If you don’t want to create a specific account with the site you can log in on theforums page and select a third party log in such as Facebook or Twitter.
  2. “Does this registration carry over to the forums?” Yes it does!
  3. “How do I update my profile?” Your profile can be updated on the forum page.
  4. “Do I need to register to comment?” Nope, this site uses Disqus for comments so you have several options to post or can post as a guest.
  5. “Will you be hosting other shows here?” Yes we currently are and always looking for more.
  6. “Can my show be featured here? Possibly!” Send me an email and we can talk.
  7. “What about someone else doing news and written articles?” Same as above.
  8. “How often do you make videos?” I use to do two full episodes of RetroActive plus a smaller video a month. As of right now I’m planning on doing at least two videos, two podcasts and the rest of the time will be news and articles. But don’t hold me to that!
  9. “Are you still apart of RetrowareTV?” Yes
  10. “I have a question not answered here.” Post in the forums or email me!
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