My First Few Days in Animal Crossing: New Leaf

While there is always a lot to do in Animal Crossing (well maybe not counting City Folk) the first few days as you set up your new town, meet your new neighbors and move into your new house are always the most exciting. There is so much to discover and so many new things to just take in. It is still the time when just walking around and trying to spot one new bug still feels really fresh and relaxing; I even just fish sometime not hoping to catch anything particular.

All the classics are back for the new Animal Crossing as well as some great new surprises. I won’t spoil anything for you but being Mayor in this new game opens a lot more things to do on your first two days and plenty to do to keep changing your town in the future; and there are some new day to day activities/collectibles. Your city main street area even has some great things on day one and will be able to grow; though I’m still having trouble finding the right hat to wear. The main street strip is easily the best way I’ve seen the stores be handled so far; no more small and out of the way city, no more shops clogging up your town and less traveling shops. You still have occasional special ware visitors but you don’t need to wait to get what mostly feel like the essential collectibles.

I’ve had a blast the last few days and have started my first true project as Mayor of Jameson, here are some pictures of my life in my new town so far.…

The 90′s Arcade Racer Coming to WiiU eShop at 60fps

Does the little RetroHead inside of you love classic arcade racers? I know I do! Racing games to me were the most fun when they were colorful, fast and outrageous; back when Sega still flourished in arcades and before the Dreamcast died.  The 90′s Arcade Racer, as the name plainly implies, wants to take us back to that and do it with style!


Originally slated for PC and Mobile devices it was later added to the WiiU eShop and even better it has just been announced by the creator that it is running on the system and at 60fps just like any proper racer should be. The project was originally just a one man show though later it gathered a small team from a partnership with Nicalis to help out.  Just one man or a small team this game looks sharp for being either of those and I’m hoping it plays just as well and rushes me with nostalgia as it brings back the type of racers I grew up with. I’m glad it reached it’s kickstarter goal and I look forward to more updates!


Sonic Lost World – Could We Have Another Good Sonic Game Coming?

The debut trailer for Sonic Lost World was just released and I am actually impressed so far. It seems Sega has finally figured out that digging up some of the best ideas from the past and improving on them is way better than shoehorning in new characters and weird mechanics that just don’t fit in with Sonic and the original crew. While Sonic 4 (episode II) tried to recapture the past many would tell you that it fell very short with botched mechanics, poor physics and even mediocre graphics. Even if you don’t want to be a purist about it, I would be fine saying that while having fun moments Sonic 4 only really came out average if you round it out.  Sonic Colors tried and succeeded in retooling everything about the modern Sonic formula; even though it isn’t my favorite I had a lot of fun with it. Heck even the secondary characters in Sonic Colors weren’t annoying! Then Sonic Generations came along and recreated, retooled and reimagined everything about classic Sonic and modern Sonic to great praise.

Well now we have Sonic Lost World which seems to be taking originally scrapped game ideas and bringing them into a modern Sonic game with some retro flair for good measure. Sonic Lost Worldseems to be reminding a lot of people of the scrapped Sega Saturn title Sonic X-Treme and I can see why. The shifting landscapes and rotating world seem ripped right from the leaked demos that came out after 2007 and it is great to see them being used in a game finally.

I had a bit of a scare when they showed a teaser image with the outlines of six new characters (more companions, groan), but turns out those will be the main bad guys of the …

The Next Gen of Gaming So Far

We have finally seen all of the next generation home consoles; Nintendo’s WiiU, Sony’s Playstation 4, and Microsoft’s Xbox One. No matter how you want to define “next gen”, three new home systems and two handhelds have come out or been announced from the big home gaming companies; it would be fair to say the next generation is here and they all count. This time there are a lot more similarities between the three home systems but there are also just as many if not more dissimilar things. Everyone will pick their own path to start (or maintain) their gaming fix for the new gen as we hit the holiday season and everyone will have their own list of reasons; I’ve already picked mine. Time to sum up what we know about each new home system and then I’ll discuss how I’ll be spending my gaming time for the next few years and why.

Xbox One: What We Know

The Xbox One was announced just recently on May 21st 2013. Sadly (in my opinion) the main focus of the system and the reveal was about its multi-function capabilities for media streaming. What we do know about it as a game system isn’t really all that good so far.

System Specs:

  • 8GB DDR3 Ram
  • 8 Core CPU
  • 500 GB HDD
  • Blu-Ray Drive
  • 802.11 Wireless
  • HDMI In/Out
  • USB 3.0

Not much has been said about is behind the CPU and what is comparable graphically on the GPU, so a lot of things left unanswered. This seems to be the trend this generation, leaving everyone with questions on what makes their gaming systems tick.


  • External HDD allowed through the USB 3.0 ports to expand memory (no answer if they must be made by Microsoft)
  • All games must be installed onto
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