Tips For Your First Months in Harvest Moon: A New Beginning

There might be some tiny spoilers in what will happen in the game from these tips but I’ll try to be vague when I can.

Even though all Harvest Moon games share so much of the same concepts and ideas they all seem to need different things to succeed and this is even more true with A New Beginning. You’ll find yourself at the start of this new adventure low on cash and with a lot of work to do (just like every Harvest Moon), and due to how A New Beginning leaves you with little people to interact with (you need to build your town and get people to move in) you’ll probably find yourself trying to do a few wrong things to make cash and kill time. So here are some tips to keep you from feeling the hurt of being unprepared as your come into your second year of the game.

  • Don’t just sell everything you forage from the forest

When you start the game pretty much the only way to raise money and supplies is to take a walk through the forest and catch bugs and pick up flowers, sticks, rocks and whatever else you can. The problem is all of these raw supplies will be used later for something and some of them will be needed to make the game move forward. You see, to progress in this game you’ll be given plans for a town restoration project; which requires you to build certain items. Rocks need to be turned into material stone which are pretty much used for everything and branches are used for potted plants and made into lumber, you need these really badly. One great example though is Honeycomb and Bees which seem prime for selling as they go for a …

Identifying Bootleg Game Boy Advance Games

Game Boy Advance games are one of the more popular games to be on the “black market” and many fakes are out there floating around. Some almost seem as common as the original games themselves such as the Pokemon titles. Luckily a lot of them can be spotted up front and if not they are very obvious once you open them. If you see a cart that looks suspicious or a game in your collection is acting up you should follow these steps to see if you have a fake GBA cartridge.

1. Check the label:

Ok, so your label doesn’t look too suspicious or you’re still unsure. The next best step is to flip the cart over and look at the part number on the back. In a little slightly indented box you should see the part number AGB-002, if you bought the game or it was ever sold at a store like Gamestop there is likely a price tag over the exact spot the number is so peel that away. AGB-002 is the part number of the cartridge case for all standard GBA games and that is what it should say. For some reason the majority of cases that floated around not made by Nintendo had the wrong part number and you will likely see AGB-004. That part number is actually for the GBA AC adapter and obviously does not belong on the game.

2The Case Part Number

Ok, so your label doesn’t look too suspicious or you’re still unsure. The next best step is to flip the cart over and look at the part number on the back. In a little slightly indented box you should see the part number AGB-002, if you bought the game or it was ever sold at a store like

The First Five Games to Buy for Your Sega Master System

When starting the journey of collecting for a new video game system where to start is always the hardest part. This is especially true for the Sega Master System where average to mediocre arcade ports or sports games are going to be the easiest to find and especially for an awesome price. But have no fear I have five picks for you to start your SMS collection! This is certainly not an end all be all “Best of” for the system, I haven’t played a large enough chunk of the library to make any kind of list like that, but these are great games that will really get your feet wet to start appreciating Sega’s 8-bit system.

Wonder Boy III: The Dragon’s Trap – $15  to $20

Yeah, starting so far into a series is a little weird but this game (or the one before it) is not tied to the original Wonder Boy and the beginning of Wonder Boy III sums up the ending of  the game before it. So getting into this game even with it being the third title is no big deal . Wonder Boy III is a side scrolling  Action-RPG and probably one of the best ones you can play from the 8-bit era. It may be a little on the easy side for some but it really keeps you engaged the entire time and it has a certain charm that is hard to just shrug off. You’ll find yourself in several different settings, collecting money, experience/charm, buying armor and weapon upgrades and other similar RPG like things. One cool thing about this game is you go through several animal transformations as you try and get back to normal and each one has it’s own special power. After you find the means to transform into

DIY PS2 Slim Base

I was once again (ie: as always) looking to move some of my gaming stuff around and had this nice cubby in my entertainment center that would be a good place for a console. The problem was it wasn’t very wide but very tall. As my set up is I had two options, move my Wii or get a stand for my slim PS2. My Wii is modded, so it has a USB drive plugged in, and I use it for Gamecube gaming so it needed to stay put and on its side; so I used Google to search for a PS2 stand. The ones that came up first were stupid expensive and/or had lights, didn’t need that, but I finally found just the plain round stand I had seen before. The new ones on Amazon were around $12 after shipping! It also didn’t look all that amazing in quality and the cheaper ones looked even worse. So here is how I went about to make the same round stand with free stuff I had laying around my house.




  • One screw that fits into the base of your PS2, should probably be unpointed, about the size of a computer case screw.
  • A CD/DVD Spindle and one of the clear spacer “discs”
  • Screw driver
  • Super Glue of some variety
  • Maybe a drill


1. Step one is to take that CD spindle and remove the actual spindle, we only need the base. Mine just twisted and popped out of the slot, you may need to break or cut it out. Don’t worry if you damage the center hole you don’t need it, just don’t crack the base.


2. Next you’ll need to make the hole for the screw to go through. You’ll want it about half an
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