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Let’s Play Ninja Gaiden for the NES

Ninja Gaiden, despite taking working concepts from the classic Castlevania, still managed to be a relatively unique and original experience. From the once-detailed visuals, to the driving-yet-moody soundtrack, to the acrobatic (literally) gameplay, it is no doubt a classic that stands among the very best of what the NES had (and still has) to offer. In this video I make an attempt to run through the game in its entirety from start to finish. Enjoy!

MAGFest 11: Bit Brigade

Back again for another year with TWO awesome speedruns! Enjoy as these guys rock through Castlevania and Contra.

  • Austin Kelly Mackert

    I was pretty busy doing other things at MAGfest so I didn’t get a chance to catch many bands. However, I did see this set, and man was it awesome. I’ll definitely be trying to check them out again if they play at the next MAGfest.

Review: Cherry Tree High Comedy Club

After playing Cherry Tree High Comedy Club (which will for the rest of this review be shortened to CTHCC) I have decided that it is a game of misconceptions and misguided first impressions; not all of this is a bad thing. Prepare for a bit of a back story!

You see when I first heard about CTHCC I was pretty excited for it. It was still in development at that time but I loved the art direction, the story ideas and I was really into visual novels at the time. It certainly looked like something I wanted to play and it was cool that a non domestic dojin game would be getting translated and released for a larger audience by its own developers (773 pronounced “Nanami”) and a publication company (Nyu) that aims on bringing these games across the globe.

I waited for the coming release which was slated to come to the Capcom store, their own site, Gamestop and Steam (and a few others). It seemed like a long wait but it finally came out (though still not on Steam). It was initially released for $7.99 and I opted to wait for it to come to Steam (figuring it wouldn’t be long) before getting it. Well that took a long time and during that time a few first impression articles and reviews were released, and they weren’t good. For all the positives of the game there were some big negatives, it was apparently pretty easy, very short (only 4 hours) and had repetitive gameplay and music. So I again decided to wait longer still with hope that it would be good but waiting for it to drop a few dollars in price.

Well when it came to Steam it finally got that price drop during the Winter sale. So …

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