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A Look Back at Quake

Happy Halloween! Have you spent all the time leading up to October 31st playing games to give you the creeps? Me too, but sometimes it is good to take a break and celebrate halloween in style too. Me and my girlfriend found a lot of game related cosplay outfits for some good old lingerie costumes roleplaying. Not your thing? Well there is still time to get some shivers sent down your spine and I would suggest the old FPS classic Quake.

Quake was originally id Software’s follow up to their major breakthrough Doom series, though it has since taken on a life of its own. The themes of hell, or something like it, taking over the world and you the one tough military dude that can stop it are back. This time it is all on steroids though as Quake is now a fully rendered 3D nightmare. While Doom was based on 3D environments it was still all created around flat pixels, when creatures come at you in Doom they don’t necessarily look three dimensional. Quake on the other hand used 3D models and back in the day this really made something already creepy just that much more. The Hell Knights being some of my favorite character models, not to mention the big bosses. There is also the famously added bullet trails and “gibbing” mechanic; the gibbing, or gibs which is short for giblets,  is what happens when a character or enemy reaches a certain damage point and explodes in a bloody mess of parts.

But, everything was maxed out for the time, not just the graphical presentation. Sounds and lighting had an overhaul too and while the dark dreary atmosphere of Doom and the sometimes completely pitch black areas certainly helped keep you on your toes the more …

Kirby’s Dream Collection: First Impressions

Kirby’s Dream Collection was something I had to have as a retro enthusiast; a collection of classic Kirby games leading up to the Nintendo 64 is awesome. Plus it has an art book and a music CD, and as you may know the music from the Kirby series is some of my all time favorites. What I have here will be a quick look of the entire collection; I haven’t had time to sit down in detail through all of it just yet.

The box is just a cardboard sleeve for the whole thing but the art with all the different versions of Kirby is cool. Luckily you do still get a regular Wii game case(aka white DVD case) on the inside for the game and CD, no paper sleeves or some garbage. The game case has a wood burned motif going on and it adds to that old school charm. Also inside is the Celebration book which I’ll get to in a moment.

As I mentioned the entire thing is a collection of classic Kirby games, here is the thing people will either find really cool or kind of lame. The games are not redone in any sense they are kept in their pure form, just emulated. If you are a purist retro fan you might like this, if you aren’t, this may bug you. Personally I’m on the fence, I like that they didn’t update the graphics like the Kirby Superstar remake or the Super Mario All Stars collection but, I would of liked things up scaled a bit. The boxed in games with the pixilated borders makes the collection look a little cheap. But, the games are still fun and you can play them with your choice of controller. As of writing them I just  played them …

Bob-ombs were apparently made by Reebok

The other night I was watching the Super Mario Bros. movie (yes I do watch that for fun, that is for another article) and I noticed something very odd. I’m betting plenty of people really into the Mario series know this already but, Bob-ombs were manufactured by Reebok. I know, this is a crazy thing to say, but I’m telling you the truth.

At the final climax of the movie Mario winds up a Bob-omb and it begins the walk towards King Koopa, of course to extend the climax it falls down a pit and has to find its way back to the target. When it finally does, it is on the under side of a grate and we get to see the underside of the Bob-omb’s feet and printed there is the Reebok name and logo.

Like I said, I’m sure there are a number of people out there who knew this already but this is the first time I can remember noticing it. I was in such shock I had to rewind and do a double take and then I had a hard time not laughing. This is probably one of the most hilarious moments of product placement I have ever seen.

Of course even though I’m sure no one in their right mind would call this “canon” we can discredit it anyway and say it isn’t a Bob-Omb. You know, since it sounds like everyone in the movie says “Ba-Bomb!” and never Bob-omb.…

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