RetroActive is a retro video game review show conceived by Kevin Willingham in 2010. The original idea was to do a show on games that he had played actively until they have now become retro. Other basic points was to do the show casual, take the games seriously, and not get angry all the time. These classics were to be celebrated and talked about like you would with your friends reminiscing about the good old days, not torn apart and cursed at.

Kevin learned about making the show as he went along having no prior experience with such things. As the year went on he made friends with other budding  video makers and began posting across the net and getting some recognition. Now popular video makers such as Rinry (of RinryGameGame fame) and Austin (aka the Peanut Butter Gamer) began working with Kevin and Kevin with them; with Rinry even appearing in an early episode of RetroActive Shorties. Later on Kevin got features on both GameTrailers and RetrowareTV, launching the show into the limelight.

As 2011 rolled around Kevin was picked up by Ben of RetrowareTV and Video Game Take Out to be part of RetrowareTV’s R Dub Force. After a small stint in that group Kevin was bumped up to a full time contributor and became the administrator for the site. Through the rest of 2011 and half of 2012 Kevin remained the admin of the site and built the second version of retrowaretv.com while working on various shows. He created many more episodes of RetroActive, Game Quickie, Video Game Knowledge and more.

RetroActive had taken a back seat by the end of 2011 to focus on other projects and administration. But now in the middle of 2012 Kevin is back hard at work at his own site again,  a new version of RetroActive, a new podcast and much more.

I’m RetroActive, are you?


All content related to RetroActive created by Kevin Willingham unless otherwise noted. Video Game Knowledge, Sold Seperatly and Game Quickie owned by RetrowareTV LLC. Episodes shown here created for RetrowareTV by Kevin Wllingham. RetroActive logo and various title cards created by for Kevin Willingham by Veronica Laabs.

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