A Look Back at Quake

Happy Halloween! Have you spent all the time leading up to October 31st playing games to give you the creeps? Me too, but sometimes it is good to take a break and celebrate halloween in style too. Me and my girlfriend found a lot of game related cosplay outfits for some good old lingerie costumes roleplaying. Not your thing? Well there is still time to get some shivers sent down your spine and I would suggest the old FPS classic Quake.

Quake was originally id Software’s follow up to their major breakthrough Doom series, though it has since taken on a life of its own. The themes of hell, or something like it, taking over the world and you the one tough military dude that can stop it are back. This time it is all on steroids though as Quake is now a fully rendered 3D nightmare. While Doom was based on 3D environments it was still all created around flat pixels, when creatures come at you in Doom they don’t necessarily look three dimensional. Quake on the other hand used 3D models and back in the day this really made something already creepy just that much more. The Hell Knights being some of my favorite character models, not to mention the big bosses. There is also the famously added bullet trails and “gibbing” mechanic; the gibbing, or gibs which is short for giblets,  is what happens when a character or enemy reaches a certain damage point and explodes in a bloody mess of parts.

But, everything was maxed out for the time, not just the graphical presentation. Sounds and lighting had an overhaul too and while the dark dreary atmosphere of Doom and the sometimes completely pitch black areas certainly helped keep you on your toes the more …

Let’s Play Ninja Gaiden for the NES

Ninja Gaiden, despite taking working concepts from the classic Castlevania, still managed to be a relatively unique and original experience. From the once-detailed visuals, to the driving-yet-moody soundtrack, to the acrobatic (literally) gameplay, it is no doubt a classic that stands among the very best of what the NES had (and still has) to offer. In this video I make an attempt to run through the game in its entirety from start to finish. Enjoy!

Ys Books I & II

When it comes to Action RPGs few have a more interesting history than the Ys series. The first game originally called Ys: Ancient Ys Vanished (good name right? Might as well say the main title twice!) was ported with slight changes numerous times as well as being revamped and released through the years. Just a few of the first ports were Ys: The Vanished Omens on the Sega Master System and The Ancient Land of Ys for classic PCs; even though it was originally for some of those Japanese only gaming PCs like the PC-8801. Ys II aka Ancient Ys Vanished: The Final Chapter got the same treatment being ported to the NEC-PC and the Famicom for example, not as bad as Ys I but still a few with small changes in each one. 

But everything really took off when both games got put together as one whole experience, as was essentially originally intended, for the Turbo CD/PC-Engine CD-Rom released as Ys I & II. Better than just being put together, and being one of the first console games on the CD format, both were fully enhanced remakes including enhanced graphics, red book audio and animated cut scenes. Everything being so well put together that many fans of the series still claim that this version is still the definitive.

Despite that both games got remade again and again making appearances on Sega Saturn, DS, PSP and again remade for the PC. If you have any interest in checking out this series you have a slew of options. I seriously suggest Ys I & II Chronicles+ on Steam as it has the retro flair with the modern touches needed to keep it looking sharp. But I am getting way ahead of myself, I probably should tell you a little bit …

My First Few Days in Animal Crossing: New Leaf

While there is always a lot to do in Animal Crossing (well maybe not counting City Folk) the first few days as you set up your new town, meet your new neighbors and move into your new house are always the most exciting. There is so much to discover and so many new things to just take in. It is still the time when just walking around and trying to spot one new bug still feels really fresh and relaxing; I even just fish sometime not hoping to catch anything particular.

All the classics are back for the new Animal Crossing as well as some great new surprises. I won’t spoil anything for you but being Mayor in this new game opens a lot more things to do on your first two days and plenty to do to keep changing your town in the future; and there are some new day to day activities/collectibles. Your city main street area even has some great things on day one and will be able to grow; though I’m still having trouble finding the right hat to wear. The main street strip is easily the best way I’ve seen the stores be handled so far; no more small and out of the way city, no more shops clogging up your town and less traveling shops. You still have occasional special ware visitors but you don’t need to wait to get what mostly feel like the essential collectibles.

I’ve had a blast the last few days and have started my first true project as Mayor of Jameson, here are some pictures of my life in my new town so far.…

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